Performance - The Jungle Book

Today our oldest pupils in the SEND school held their annual production, and this year they sang, acted and danced their way through the Rudyard Kipling tale of The Jungle Book.

Under the expert direction of teacher Georgie, they have all worked really hard for months learning songs, dances, dialogues and also making costumes and props to illustrate the story including elephants, vultures, monkey, tigers, bears, snakes and more!

All of this work involves lots of curriculum areas and developing new skills, independence and confidence. We not only enjoyed the performance but at the end were treated to a video showing all of the hard work and fun that had gone into it over the term.

Parents joined us today and were very impressed, but yesterday, roving reporter, Terence from S2, attended the dress rehearsal, and this is his fantastic and very accurate review of the outstanding performance…

As someone who has NEVER seen the Jungle Book animated movie, this performance was very well made. 8/10! I think the best child actor/actress was…ALL OF THEM! but if I had to pick one I’d say Suha. Suha played the role really well. I think the best staff actor/actress was…Georgie. Your facial expressions was phenomenal and you went so in character. I think the best prop was…The leaf guitars. I don’t know why but they just looked so so so good. The best song was (obviously) Bear Necessities. No reason why… Just a good song. The best scene was the “I wanna be like you” dance scene. When I’m in TG’s when we’re doing performances I wanna be in the tech/lighting group. 8/10 (4 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️)! To make it better. You need better microphones. Even if the staff was talking for the children who can’t talk using words, you couldn’t really hear them. Thanks for having us and well done!

Terence McDonagh - S2

Thanks to all of our wonderful children, the great staff who suported them and the parents and other family memebers who came and made up a fantastic audience - what a huge success!

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