An Interesting (National Storytelling) Week!

There has been lots going on this week in and out of school. In the name of science, biology to be exact, some students have been making poo and learning how food travels through the mouth, into he intestines and is then expelled! They actually had a gross (and fun) morning, mixing biscuits with a banana, water and orange juice. Then we mixing it in their ‘stomach’ before sending it through the intestines. They then squeezed all the fluid out and expelled the waste to everyone’s delight!

As this week it is National Storytelling Week, in S2 pupils and staff told each other stories and made up some of their own. They used storyboard to make our pictures to match our made up stories. Here’s laser Leon and crazy cat lady complete with ice cube powers in London! Brilliant imaginations… and great reading and writing.

Claire’s mum has sent some photos because Claire and her mum are doing a walk for the Epilepsy Action charity - so far they have raised £215 whilst getting fit and healthy - although it looks like Claire might be having a treat along the way - fantastic!

charity bags
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