Pottery at Newfield

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Pottery at Newfield

Today the community potter spent more time in the school for SEND this morning and for the rest of the week he will be working with children in the school for Autism, helping them develop their creative pottery skills!

Many of our children have sensory impairments, and the great thing about working with clay and doing pottery is that it involves lots of your senses - so if a child has poor vision, they benefit from the feeling and smell of the clay and the wheel, if a child has a hearing impairment, they are not needing to be able to hear anything to work with the clay and if a child has poor motor skills, it is a really motivating way of getting fingers working as well as balancing to stand and push your weight down to manipulate the clay and see what happens.

All of the pots may not be perfect, and not all are entirely useful, but they are all unique and beautiful in their own way!

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