Physical Development

Many children within the main school have physical disabilities or difficulties. These children at Newfield are challenged and supported to maintain and develop their physical skills.

Physical Education & Development

All children take part in Physical Education sessions.

Children with physical development needs have programmes devised by Physiotherapists. Goals and targets are set at Annual Reviews with teachers, parents and the children where possible, taking into account the specialist physio advice. Many children have weekly session in our school pool and may also have a planned MOVE session with a trained MOVE leader or class staff.
Throughout the week during class sessions children will use their equipment and opportunities are created for all children to work on their physical goals, for example during a class art session some children will be seated on benches to work while others using standing frames, class chairs or even lie out on the mats to complete work.

PE lessons
walking practise

All children have daily opportunities to use standing frames, walkers, specialist seating and lying equipment.

Staff follow individual therapy programmes and movement opportunities are created via our curriculum.

sitting balance practise

MOVE - Movement Opportunities Via Education

Newfield School has recently invested heavily around the training of all class staff and teachers to support children’s physical develpment using the MOVE approach. Throughout 2018-2019 all teachers will be trained to ‘Practitioner level’ and will then be able to assess children using the MOVE framework. This will ensure a more consistent and robust approach of assessment and a skilled team around each individual child.

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Assessment of physical development is co-ordinated currently by Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapists, MOVE Leaders and class teachers. A range of assessment tools are used to capture, record and ensure all children are making progress. These include: Gross Motor Function, The Chailey Scale, MOVE and children’s’ EHCP outcomes, goals and targets.

Staff have recently started to use ‘Evidence for Learning’ to capture daily activities and progress. These are shared at Annual Reviews with parents and other professionals working with the child. Newfield School continues to attend the NWSAG group around physical development.
A new assessment tools is being piloted across the group of Special Schools involved which will allow schools to collate evidence and data within individual schools around children’s physical development.

Additional extra-curricular activities … make a strong contribution to pupils’ social, emotional and physical development. Ofsted,2016

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Newfield School is committed to safeguarding and protecting the welfare of children and vulnerable adults as its number one priority.

Full copies of Policies and Procedures related to all aspects of Safeguarding, and the Complaints Policy, are available on request from Rik Robinson, Head Teacher and Designated Senior Lead for Safeguarding and Child Protection.

Equality Duty

Newfield School complies with the general and specific duties of the Equality Act (2010). In accordance with the duty we publish information that demonstrates that we have due regard to the need to;

  • Eliminate unlawful discrimination
  • Advance equality of opportunity
  • Foster good relations

These specific duties have been considered in relation to all our policies and procedures in school. Our objectives will be reported on and published as part of the Governance public documents available for inspection under the Freedom of Information Regulations and Data Protection duties and in the school newsletter to parents.

Our Equality Objectives are set, reviewed and published annually in our School Development Plan.

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